03 April 2015

Even Odyssea is a newcomer brand in town, obviously behind their back is the inheritance of Liberty Hospitality, which has almost 10 year experienced this segment of hospitality in Vietnam as an unit under Que Huong Corporation. With the firm foundation and lots of great achievements inherited from Liberty in operation and management of 3 star and 4 star hotel located in Ho Chi Minh city central, it's no exaggeration to call Odyssea as one of the Vietnamese brand that’s pioneer and actually has the ambition, vision as well as competence to join the big game of high-end hospitality market in Vietnam, which has been so far shared mostly by International brand like Accor, Starwood or IHG… Positioning itself at top of middle high-end market in hotel management, Odyssea not only got a great strategy to avoiding directly competition with the “giants” come from abroad with their  luxury 5 star brand, it also found itself a “fertile soil” to nurture their dream and actually make it comes true step-by-step by a combination of strategic decisive movements.

 Combine internal and external engines

 Odyssea always bear in its mind that people must be considered as the core acceleration in their plan to achieve its goals – become the pioneer in hospitality in Vietnam. Base on the competent labor force that has been built in 10 years under the name of Liberty, Odyssea also make a new step to approach the international standard by having an international expert in their management board. Mr. Michel Serrano – CEO of Odyssea Hospitality is a top professor in hotel management with more than 20 years experience in operation at Accor, InterContinental… Sharing about Odyssea and his new step, Serrano proudly share, “I’m really exciting to launch out myself into a new but highly potential market like Vietnam, especially when I have a great crew of fellow who will stand shoulder to shoulder with me to build up the brand of Odyssea and make it to the top of Vietnamese hospitality business.” 

 Innovative thinking making breakthrough movement

 One of the most precious properties that Odyssea has inherited from the name Liberty is the wide and deep understanding about Vietnamese market and client insight. Local firm foundation is the launching pad for Odyssea to making more and more innovative thinking that lead to breakthrough movement. Deeping into the customer insight not only helps Odyssea got the ability to fulfill visitor needs but also create new trend in demands, that what make it a real pioneer in this market. As a trend-setter, Odyssea has learned how to balance between creating the new trend and maintaining the core values that profoundly built on Vietnamese culture and biography. With two independent units that separately positioned as Liberty Hotel for 3 star hotel and Liberty Central for 4 star hotel, service of the hotels in these two brands always intend to professional and world-class standard without fading the tradition values and spirit in foundation brand Liberty. High-class restaurant chain, local cuisine buffet banquets or the first high-end movie cinema in a 4 star hotel of Vietnam convincingly prove Odyssea effort of standing out of the crowd, making it different from the other same or even higher class hotel in town.

 Local foundation, global vision         

Undoubtedly, the vision of Odyssea is to become the top hotel management in Vietnames hospitality market with sufficient competence to maximize local market, come abroad and attract foreigner investors. “Odyssea with our specific values, local market insight knowledge, global vision and standard of service is the foundation for nurturing a dream that can leverage and develop Vietnamese brands like Liberty Hotel or Liberty Central as well as other local brands in future, we believe that Odyssea will soon become a alternative for foreigner hotel investor to launch out into the market of 3-5 star hotel in Vietnam.”

With the qualified staff as a foundation, market leader’s mindset as the pillars, strategic “glocal” vision to get up floor-by-floor, Odyssea is continuously making it steady step toward the goal of conquering the peak in Vietnamese hospitality market. And surely much more further from this!

By Thanh Nhan

Click here for the online news in Vietnamese version published on Dia Oc Viet Nam magazine in March 2015

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