02 April 2015

With nearly 16,000 operating accommodations and a wide range of projects being under construction, hotel management domain is soaring dramatically in Vietnam, appealing to domestic investors.

A business man holding general manager position at a hotel invested by government capital at HCMC says he is about to quit the current position; and he, together with some friends, is going to involve in hotel management enterprise. “I have been offered by a number of companies including domestic and global firms for working at a hotel management company. However, the number of local companies to discuss cooperation is specially increasing day by day. I am gathering as much information as possible, including the management fee schedule, market conditions …etc,” he says.

According to some companies, domestic hotel management service in 3-4 star hotels is the most dynamic. Some hotels are previously operated and managed by the investors, while other small and medium-sized hotels are numerically increased; however, they are under the impact of market tendency which results in vying for co-operating with professional management companies. It is because this sphere is the most competitive among domestic hotel management companies.

Mr. Dang Huy Hai, Vice President of New World Hotel, says that home companies increasingly involve in hotel management field. Furthermore, he reveals, the companies have to try their utmost to popularize their brand names and attract customers for the root basis in this enterprise, it is not the construction of management process, but the seniority of the trademark. "Today, the competitive-scale among hotels in this enterprise is not domestic, but international. For example, there are clients who associate travelling with business conferences (MICE tourism) foremost view the trademark to decide the service’s qualification. Therefore, domestic services, in essence, need to meet their requirements," he says.

Mr. Michel Serrano, C.E.O of Odyssea Hospitality, who has in-depth managing experience serving in international hotel management corporations, highlights that establishing a managing trademark is exceedingly complicated. Alternatively, domestic companies are experts in serving customers in Vietnam, this is crucially supportive in improving the service's quality and sorting out the most suitable products for their customers.

Odyssea has just officially entered the market for the last two years, the precursor was Liberty Hospitality of JSC Quê Hương Liberty. Odyssea has 2 brands: Liberty Hotel for 3-star hotel and Liberty Central for 4-star hotel. The company is managing 5 hotels at HCMC and repairing to expand their service to the coastal city, Nha Trang. Apart from hotel managing service, Odyssea also yields other facilities like planning marketing strategies, technical assistance, business development consulting, F&B, property management, human resources development, and sale management … Within this month, the company also releases a new website, upgrades booking and earlier reservation system .

According to Mr. Serrano, when building a new brand, Odyssea determined to reserve and develop it upon high professional employees. Simultaneously, we also invite experienced managers with international prestige to hold managing positions in the company so as to raise the service rank and brand.

In the last January, company officially opened the hotel service of Liberty Central City Point at HCMC. Not only does it have hotel facilities, but it also possesses 4 movie theaters inside. “The hotel has a high room capacity. I am under the impression that domestic enterprise can absolutely build a hotel managing brand that compete against multinational brands,” Mr. Serrano says. He also thinks that Odyssea can deliver amenities for 5-star hotels when the time comes.

By Minh Duy



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