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  • To take responsibilities in managing and controlling of F&B operations of the hotel, giving the best service to the guest, maintaining of quality of products and service, employees’ working spirit and attitude as well as satisfaction of the guest in order to maintain brand’s reputation and best revenue.
  • To take responsibilities in revenue and department’s expenses.
  • To coordinate with Executive Chef to ensure the smooth operation of Kitchen Department and restaurant, preventing any conflict.


Management of Business operation:

  • To take part in daily operating management which is 70% volume of a daily work, and to be present at the rush hour or depends on the importance of each party/event.
  • To organize, manage and supervise for smooth business operation, high service quality and obtain business target in monthly, quarterly and annually.
  • To coordinate with other departments to ensure the smooth operation of hotel’s business.
  • To set business plan for each quarter, year and set specific strategy for each month.
  • To take responsibility to check and supervise the preparation, assignment, service, F&B quality that meets standard of food hygiene and safety, labour tools, cleaning, labour safety guarantee, fire prevention and secure of the department.
  • To do business in accordance with the law and policy of the hotel and within limitation.
  • To foresee the trend, current situation and propose business strategy, revenue plan, expenditure fund and GOP of F&B Department.
  • To give guidance to subordinate on party and event decoration in accordance with standard and level of hotel and as per guest’s request.
  • To supervise the quality of the dishes on daily basis and work with the Executive Chef to find solution for improvement.

Human resources:

  • To motivate, encourage, and build up a team with team work spirit.
  • To take part in the interview, select and employ staff together with HR Department.
  • To approve the staff transfer, working schedule, overtime work of F&B Department.
  • To work with subordinates on the orientation and staff training plan.
  • To conduct training to subordinates.
  • To supervise, evaluate and handle the implementation of internal rules, regulation and departmental procedures of employees.
  • To evaluate the performance of all subordinates, to build up successor team.


  • To corporate with Director of Sales in market research, F&B trends in order to suggest F&B business plan, appropriate solution for market share and revenue increasing.
  • To update and approach new technologies and equipment in business and guest services.
  • To corporate with Executive Chef and subordinate managers to make menu, criteria, standard and deployment solution of marketing program, F&B advertisement, etc.
  • To corporate with Chief Accountant to make yearly budget plan and expenses of department. 


  • To determine and maintain the relationship with frequent guest and look for new potential guest.
  • To welcome VIP.
  • To resolve guest’s complaint (by writing or in person).
  • To adopt construction comments from guest and employee.
  • To build up and maintain internal relationship with other departments in the hotel.
  • To maintain relationship with friends and colleagues to understand and share job information, customers, etc.
  • To meet suppliers to negotiate, discuss and find new products, highlight the mistakes of old products, sales off, sponsor, etc.
  • To join public relations in relating to F&B (if any). 

Controlling of quality and expenses:

  • To ensure the maintaining of standard of F&B and services as per provided standards. To take part in approving of standard regulations on criteria and recipe in food processing in order to ensure the consistency in F&B.
  • To ensure the using and maintenance of equipment and tools in proper ways, safety, cleanliness and they are in good condition at all times for best service.
  • To minimize the damaging and breaking.
  • To find the best and economy way in using of electricity, water, food, stationery and other goods.
  • To do market survey, keep track on pricing information and corporate with Executive Chef to make, adjust, update menus in the hotel, ensure updating appropriate price list and control expenses.
  • To give approval on order request, purchasing of equipment and tools for F&B Department.
  • To regularly consult with other departments in proposing appropriate solutions to improve expense management procedures and complying regulations on procedure control, record, report, etc… for the management of expense and labour cost control. 

Administration management:

  • Time spent for administration works is maximum 30% of daily working hours.
  • To set up regime of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually report and meeting.
  • To attend daily briefing with Board of Management, credit meeting, financial analysis as per periodic schedule.
  • To keep filing of record, log book, contract, document and paperwork of business units belongs to F&B Department and information on guest and guest mailing. 

Other tasks

  • To be ready to take other tasks subject to assignment of General Manager.


  • Certificate in Hotel Management preferred
  • Significant experience in a customer-service position, 3 -5 year experience on the same position.
  • Experience in team management.
  • Excellent skills In Customer Service and Public Relations.
  • Leadership and well organized.
  • IT skills: good in Microsoft office.
  • English: good writing and communication skills.


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